5 Benefits of coffee grounds for your plants and garden


From an enviromental point of view, reusing might be more valuable tan recycling, due to it prolongs the useful life of a product, instead of transforming the product into other raw material. Coffee grounds can be reused in many ways, and one of the mains is as an organic compost for yout plants and garden.

As a starter advice for the coffee grounds reusing is essential to totally dry it. For this you just have to pour on a surface such as news paper so when you’re about to store it in a recipent it won’t rot due to humidity.

  1. Enrich the soil: mixing coffe grounds with the soil may reduce the need of convecional compost, and even stop using it. It’s also effective to pour de coffee grounds directly around the plants, same in flowerpots as all over the garden’s soil. The result will be a fertilizer that working sa any other organic compost, and being more alcaline than acidifying.
  1. Nitrogenate the soil: even tought this make us think of a chemical element, it comes to coffee grounds from the processing of coffee beans. That’s suitable to full the soil with nitrogen that’ll help the plants to grow, bloom and bear fruits.
  1. Chase out worms, snails and slugs: it won’t be easy for a slug, worm or snail to travel over a coffee grounds It’s more efective to pour as a circle around the plant.
  1. Feed the earthworms from the compost: we’ll get a richier compost if we add earthworms to the soil, and among other nutrients, we feed them with coffee grounds. It’s enough to add some each weed, taking care of not adding to much so the compost won’t acidify.
  1. Liquid fertilizer: mix the coffee grounds with water and let it fuse thru the night. We’ll get a liquid fertilizer that can be aplied directly on the stem and leaves with a sprayer.

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