The tour starts with a demonstrative part where we show the tourist the coffee in the different stages of development and varieties.

There you can appreciate the planting process from the nursery to the plant that produces the coffee beans.

Juancho’s House

In “Juancho’s House” you will have the opportunity of appreciating the place where our ancestors lived: the kitchen they used and the rooms.

Also there will be a demonstration of how they brewed the coffee, a traditional way that is still alive in many Costa Ricans homes.


In this area the guide talks about all the hard work behind a cup of coffee. You will receive information about the blooming, the pruning, the land preparation and harvesting times.

You will also learn data about the exportation of coffee from Costa Rica to markets like the United States, Europe and Asia.

Get in the oxcart

In this station we will explain you the origin and the uses of this traditional mean of transportation that is one of the eight national symbols in our country.

You will also see a beautiful oxcart with more than 60 years.

Coffee Mill

Next, we will visit the Coffee Mill, where we will show you the pulping, selection and fermentation processes, concluding this part with the explanation of the three methods that can be used to dry coffee.


In the penultimate stage of the tour, you will enjoy the incomparable aroma of the coffee in our roasting room, one of the biggest and more beautiful in all the country.

It’s here where we will show you the ovens and the packaging process, as well as the different roasting levels and the cooking time for each of them.

Souvenir shop

At the end of the tour you can visit the souvenir shop to have some memories of this experience, as well as shopping all the coffee you want.